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Cornwall's Chocolate Cove



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All vegan (dairy free, plant based), palm oil free, soya free, gluten free & cane sugar free. 

If you can't find what you're looking for or are not sure what to get, let me do it all for you and I'll make it FABULOUS, filling a carefully selected gift box with a combination of delicious chocolates, truffley fudge and truffles!!! From as little as £13.75 to as much as you'd like to spend*, I'll make it fabulous for you.

You choose the price and I'll choose a box and make it exciting, wonderful and beautifully enticing...

I know what it's like when you want to give something beautiful and memorable, where you want the recipient to feel appreciated and noticed with something that takes them on a voyage of discovery with a journey of flavours...

I can create something just for you from carefully selected chocolates and spontaneously made treats...just choose how much you'd like to spend from the drop down menu and I'll do the rest. 

If you'd like to include or exclude anything, just mention it in the notes section at checkout and add any message you'd also like to include. I'll separate out the notes from the messages so the recipient only receives the intended message. ***PLEASE ALSO LET ME KNOW OF ANY ALLERGIES.

Thank you so much for choosing the chocs ❤

Everything is vegan, raw, organic, palm oil free, soya free, gluten free, cane sugar free, 100% natural ingredients.

Some chocolates contain nuts. All truffley fudge contains nuts.

*I've listed boxes up to £70 but I can do even more opulent & indulgent hampers so if you'd like to spend more, more, more, just send an email to me at:

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