"If I had to live with only 1 brand of chocolate it would be Cornwall's Chocolate Cove. I love when you open the bag you smell the aromas, every bite you take you can taste the individual flavours. This chocolate is amazing." February 2017


"Delicious! couldn't believe that chocolates that are so healthy taste so good - what a find. Melt in your mouth" January 2017


'I'll eat any kind of chocolate, I love it all, but I was a bit dubious about eating "healthy" chocolate, have to say though that these chocs are right at the top of the tree for both taste and appearance, love em can't wait to taste more.' January 2017


"As someone who has developed an allergy to dairy, these chocolates are a godsend!! Absolutely delicious!!" January 2017


"Today we received 5 choc hearts and some boxes of the luxury collection we had ordered. As soon as my girls were back from school (they're teenagers), we tucked in! Suffice it to say that the choc hearts were demolished within minutes and I had to stop us all there (I needed to save some for pressies and their dad!) CONGRATULATIONS to Judy and the absolute triumph...many thanks for providing us with amazing, nutritious options for our Christmas 'treats'!" December 2016


"I was lucky enough to receive these chocolates as a gift, they are without doubt the best chocolate experience I've ever had!! Beautifully packaged fantastic flavours & textures. Pure quality made with such care & attention. Artisan chocolate heaven!" October 2016


"When I first saw a Cornwall’s Chocolate Cove delicacy, I was spellbound by its good looks. Unable to look away, it seemed like it was staring back at me! I wanted to move closer, but I knew that only something that looked so gorgeous would lead to trouble. But the attraction was too much. We both began drifting towards each other, and although the luxurious morsel was only in my hand, there was an undeniable chemistry between us. The taste surpassed its beauty, and for the time we were together, I was carried to the Shangri-la of confectionary. But it was all over too soon, and I was alone again. But as I reached the shores of acceptance, I saw, that only a few centimetres away from where I saw the first one, there was another, and another, and another…" October 2016


'Wow wow wow, incredible flavours and these chocolates look stunning too. I received some as a gift and ended up trying the whole box. I usually avoid white chocolate so ate that one first, lemon sorbet and raspberry, truly mouth watering and one of my favourites !!! I did buy a second box for a friend who was equally impressed. Cant wait to try some more exciting flavours !!!' October 2016