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Cornwall's Chocolate Cove

Choc: Mint Crunch

Choc: Mint Crunch

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Raw. Vegan (plant based, dairy free). *Organic. Palm oil free. Soya Free. Gluten Free. Cane sugar free.

Uplifting and refreshing, mint makes the perfect companion to mingle with the nibbly crunch of raw cacao nibs (more antioxidants than any other superfood) so that you can sit back and enjoy this gorgeous chocolate as it melts away, giving you uplifting experiences in texture and taste that leave you feeling refreshed and ready for more!

Mint is known for aiding digestion and with the antioxidants from the raw cacao nibs and 70% raw chocolate, you'll be ready for leaping about meadows and taking on the day.... or, if having a midnight nibble, ready for enjoying all that the darkness has to offer.

Cacao butter*, coconut sugar*, raw cacao*, raw cacao nibs, Sri Lankan coconut oil*, peppermint oil, pinch of sea salt. (70% min cacao solids)

Raw. Vegan. *Organic. Palm Oil Free. Gluten Free

Each bar is handmade and so may vary slightly in weight - officially they weigh 50g (but most of the time it's more!)!

Made where nuts & seeds are present. 
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