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Choc: Toasted Almond Crunch (with Hazelnuts!)

Choc: Toasted Almond Crunch (with Hazelnuts!)

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Plant based, free from dairy, soya, palm oil, gluten and cane sugar! 

Almonds, known for their high protein, vitamin E and magnesium content are often thought of as a nut but are actually the seeds of the almond tree fruits!

In this chocolate slab, the rich warmth of raw cacao blends smoothly and perfectly with the distinctive taste and toasted crunch of the chopped almonds - definitely one of my favourites!


Raw Cacao Butter*, Raw Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*, Toasted Almonds*, Pinch of Sea Salt, Splash of Natural Flavour (70% min Cacao Solids)

All our products are VEGAN and ORGANIC

Contains NUTS/SEEDS.

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